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Carewell Desiccant Key Markets:
Electronic Components Packaging, Machine Parts, Military Instruments & Armaments, Motors, Pharmaceutical, Circuit Boards, Relays & Communication Devices, Oceanographic Devices, Instruments, Optical Devices, Photographic Equipment, Film, Batteries, Safes, Vitamins, Diagnostics, Medical Equipment, Foodstuffs, Clothing, Consumer Products, Powders, Diagnostic Test Kits, Automobile Parts, Computers, Aerospace, Rolled Steel, Steel Parts, Motorcycles, Crates

How are Desiccants Best Utilized?
To be most effective desiccants should be used within a closed / sealed moisture barrier or a rigid, sealed container. This allows the desiccant to absorb the trapped moisture vapor inside of the package. Products should be packaged in a manner that does not allow additional water vapor in the enclosed environment. Often a Humidity Control Card is placed inside the package to show humidity levels and indicate when the desiccant needs to be replaced.

Determining Types and Quantities of Required Desiccant 1. Identify the type of container or bag the product is packaged in
2. Calculate the volume or area of the container
3. Determine the amount of desiccant required using the “Desiccant Requirement Chart” (see chart on the opposite page)
4. Select the type of desiccant to fit the application based on one of the following:
• Amount of moisture to be absorbed
• Permeability of packaged material
• Temperature and humidity
• Rate of absorption required
• Requires container shelf life
• Shipping and storage conditions
• Cost

Often customers will use more desiccant than is required as a safety measure. Desiccants provide low cost insurance.

Desiccant for Clothes

The Desiccant for clothing industry appear neutral, the do not cause harm to the clothing. In addition to the function of absorbing, the Desiccant may remove bad taste. The fancy packages and multiple functions may also help laundries to attract more consumers.

Desiccant for Electronics

Desiccants for electronic industry are all dust-free and anti-static. Packed by U.S. Dupont TYVEK's special materials, the packages of the Desiccant are equipped with great elasticity and may avoid harm caused by pierce. Besides, the Desiccants have honorably been approved by JIS, CNS and many other credible standard institutions.